Michael Ash Smith // Associate Photographer for Nirav Patel


Welcome! If you are viewing this page, you most likely landed here via my good friend, Nirav. He and I have been buddies for nearly a decade now as we both started photographing weddings around the same time. Since then, we hang out when possible, we’ve collaborated together on multiple occasion, and we even led a couple artist retreats in Northern California. Last year I moved to Colorado from Philly and have been focusing more on CO and west coast weddings since - so we felt it would super cool to work together— so here we are!

On the left side nav bar you’ll find a “Weddings” tab. I encourage you to click on that and view the past several years of highlighted imagery from me documenting weddings. In the past 10 years I’ve photographed well over 400 weddings, been named a top wedding photographer in the world, and have been to multiple countries photographing weddings and people. I decided not to section it of in specific weddings - like most photographers do - as I can easily choose the best of the best. What I decided to do, instead, was showcase at least one image from every wedding I photographed that year … most have more than 3. This gives you an idea of an all around feel and vibe to my work.

If you like what you see then I encourage you to reach out! You may have received my pricing from Nirav already, which is awesome. If you haven’t yet, hit me up. I’m always available for ANY questions you have so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you :)